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As the auction continues and the guests attempt to work out a system for understanding the Auctioneers banter; further twists and turns are introduced, to guarantee many surprises and shocks. In order to achieve this, the lots are split into four basic categories, which are as follows:

A cabaret in its own right! From two tables set up at the front of the room, our highly entertaining Auctioneer will auction off a series of carefully crafted and well-ordered ‘lots’. The whole affair is conducted blind, with the guests unaware of what they are actually bidding for. On some occasions, a lot which seemingly sounds invaluable may turn out to be one of the star prizes, whilst equally, an item which by its description almost defies belief actually turns out to be a ’booby’ prize.

Visual Prize.

On this occasion, the lot is actually shown to the audience and what they see is what they win.

Instant Prize.

A prize is won by a member of the audience being the first to complete an action or a forfeit as instructed by one of the auctioneers, again they may have seen what the prize is to be, or it may be a surprise.

Blind Prize.

As the prizes are hidden, the bidders have no idea what lurks beneath the table. For example, and not wishing to give the game away, the auctioneer may create a frenzy of bidding as he shows an extremely worthwhile prize, the next lot sounds identical…but is it all what it seems?

Surprise Prize.

In this instance a prize is offered which may not seem particularly special, however, when presented to the successful bidder they are in for a pleasant surprise!

The following are all included in The Classic Auction:

Auctioneer and Assistant
Amplification Equipment
Background music
Standard Classic Casino fun money (can be personalised at extra cost)

Lots (Prizes)

We are happy to supply prizes to your individual requirements and budget which would obviously be in addition to the cost of the auction itself.

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