Our team will arrive at your chosen venue and set up our full size gaming tables prior to the arrival of your guests. An experienced Casino Manager will ensure that the room's attributes are accentuated and the best efforts are made to create a genuine casino atmosphere.

Your guests will each be given an equal amount of Casino Fun Money - they will then be able to exchange this fun money for gaming chips at any of the tables. Our professionally trained croupiers will then explain all the rules and procedures of the various games. If you or your guests have never been to a casino before - don't worry - this is an ideal opportunity to see what it is all about without any of the risks - Remember the emphasis of the evening is on FUN!

Approx 15 minutes before the end of the evening the Casino Manager will announce "Last 3 Bets" - this is where the betting usually becomes frantic as the players try to amass as many chips as they can!

The casino then closes and guests are asked to cash in their chips in order that a winner can be determined and the prize awarded. Please note that prizes can be anything that you choose but often take the form of a Bottle or Magnum of Champagne which we will be happy to supply on request.