There are of course many variations but they all have one thing in common; those attending, including the organisers will all have a very enjoyable evening.
At the end of the evening, the person or table with the most fun money wins the prize!
Our professional Compere and Clerk of the Course interacts with the guests, encourages their involvement and runs the whole event, as well as giving your guests other opportunities to increase their wealth during the evening!

Then, either as a team or individuals (whichever is appropriate) the Bets are taken at the dinner tables, by our ticket sellers dressed in jockey silks.
Fun money is distributed and guests are encouraged to make their selection from the Race Cards provided.
Guests will sit down to dinner in a room that is dressed with racing artifacts such as winning posts, white railings, racing posters and even plastic grass to give a genuine Racing atmosphere. Background music and a P.A. system is also included.
The format is totally flexible and can be adapted to a wide variety of situations, but a typical evening’s format would be:

Our highly enjoyable Race Nights Hire provides an excellent opportunity for guests, without having any specific knowledge of horse racing, to interact in a competitive way and all have an equal chance of winning.

The following are all included in The Classic Race Night Hire:

  • Quality DVDs of English flat & jump races

  • Front or rear projection

  • Background music and full P.A. System

  • Betting slips or Tote Tickets

  • Race Cards (standard format/mono) personalised with Clients name in front.

  • Race props including; 8’ horse and jockey flats, free-standing race posters, tote desk, winners post etc.

  • Standard Classic Casino Fun Money

  • Two Ticket sellers – dressed in Jockey Silks

  • Professional Compere, Clerk of the Course & Projectionist.

For parties of more than 100 guests we recommend one extra tote staff per 50 guests.